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On Friday, February 4, 2011, The Middletown & New Jersey
operated New York, Susquehanna & Western Railway snowplow 91, which was loaned to them by The NYSW.

The plow was interchanged from The NYSW to The MNJ at Warwick the day before. In turn, The MNJ plowed The Hudson Secondary on Thursday from Warwick to Hudson Jct.

On Friday, The Maybrook Industrial was plowed as far as Lobo Dist., and then The Walden Secondary was plowed.

It was a grand sight to witness, and even nonrailfan regular citizens took notice of such an unusual and rare occurence.

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Along Bracken RoadAlmost at the end of the line (1 of 2)Almost at the end of the line (2 of 2)Breaking the ice at The Hostess XingBreaking the ice at The Hostess Xing side viewAs far as this plow is goingLeft side view"NYSW 91 has permission to head east on The Maybrook"Front viewRear viewStarting up The Walden1st private xingIced over "Neelytown Pond"Eager Rd.Downtown Montgomery (1 of 3)Downtown Montgomery (2 of 3)Downtown Montgomery (3 of 3)Factory Street, Former O.C.C.