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On Thursday, July 18, at 20:40 hrs, CSX trash train Q704-19 led by 8846 and 8833, received a signal from track 4 onto track 2 at CP 10 in Marble Hill, New York City. As the train went through the Spuyten Duyvil Rock Cut, also known as "C" Rock, at 15MPH, the train came to an abrupt halt when 10 out of 24 trash cars derailed, including cars in the rock cut that had lost their containers, spilling trash onto the tracks.

Media from all news outlets immediately converged on Spuyten Duyvil station with the engines sitting right at the station on a hot 95F night. The kind of temperature that no crew wants to sit for hours in a hot locomotive in. Too bad they didn't have a SD60M leader which has air conditioning.

Through the night and early morning, the cars that were not derailed were moved north by the CSX crew, and the south cars were moved by the Metro-North PMMO crew to BN Yard in Marble Hill along the "Old Put".

Friday morning, Metro-North was busy with GP35R 101, and BL14CG 401 working with the CSX Wreck Truck from Oak Point Yard alongside RJ Corman and Metro-North personnel to rerail cars on the south end.

RJ Corman had apparently attempted to reach the site with their heavy duty sidewinders and cranes, but had logistical issues to reach the site, one being the overhead subway No. 1 Line.

It was soon learned that a third engine was necessary, and GP35R 103 was recruited from Mott Haven.

GP35R 104 was tied onto a Metro-North flat car at the north end of the rock cut for placement of the containers that had come apart from the cars.

The cause of the derailment is under investigation.

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